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COVID-19 Questionnaire with Onyx Northfield Gym Owner Jason Lewandowski

A huge thank you to Onyx Gym owner Jason Lewandowski for taking the time to answer Nordonia Now's questions on how the COVID-19 has affected his business and the steps he is taking in this tumultuous time.

Before the COVID 19 pandemic, how was business at your ONYX Northfield site doing?

Business was going very well. The colder months are always traditionally good for the gym business and we have seen a lot of traffic through summer months as well, so that is something we were looking forward to.

Did you have any idea the closure would last this long?

To be honest, I am not surprised that we have remained shut down for this long. On the other hand, I would not have been surprised to open up quickly. It seems a lot of things are driving the public response so it’s fairly difficult to be surprised by any reaction.

What are your thoughts on the petition from other health clubs/gyms to re-open?

My obviously biased opinion is that I believe gyms are vital to a large part of the population; not just for the physical benefits but mentally as well. If it can be done safely, (and I won't pretend to be an expert on what that means right now), owners bringing awareness to get the re-opening process started can be a good thing for a lot of people.

When the closure is finally lifted, what sanitary measures will you take to insure a safe workout environment?

We have always taken measures to ensure a clean environment. That being said, without a doubt, sanitation and cleaning measures will have to be increased along with minimizing member contact. How that will be be done best is something we are still discussing, and something that will no doubt be addressed by the state when the time comes.

Will masks be mandatory or optional?

In short, whatever is best for us and our members. When we get the OK to re-open those safety measures will be addressed. With varying reports on their effectiveness specific to this situation, we will have to revisit the information when necessary. This may also be something addressed by the governor. Only time will tell.

Without getting into specifics, what fiscal damage has been done to Onyx due to the pandemic?

The simple statement is that we are obviously not bringing in any revenue at the moment. However, the entire fiscal impact is something we won’t know for a long time. In any economy there is a way to either get crushed or come out successful, and we certainly aren’t making any plans to get crushed.

When the closure is lifted, do you anticipate members hesitant, or eager to return?

I think we will see a mix just like with everything else. I know for a fact we will have members waiting at the doors the moment it opens but I’m sure just as many others will be hesitant. Going back to the gym or anywhere at this time is understandably a big decision.

When Onyx re-opens, will you have the same complement of staff and trainers?

We have no plans to change any staff. So for those of you checking our reviews, no worries, Mr. Jose Castillo will still be ready to go!

What changes at Onyx, if any, will members see with the re-opening?

The shutdown did delay some improvements we are working on, however we are always working to better utilize our space and our offerings for our members, so be on the lookout for some changes in that regard!

Thanks again to Jason Lewandowski for taking the time to answer our questions. We hope to see a swift re-opening of many local businesses like Onyx in the near future!

Read more on the group-filed suit to force the state to lift the coronavirus closure order for fitness centers here!

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