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Letter To The Editor — Dolphin Restaurant Owner Sandy Mihalek

Dear Nordonia Now, My name is Sandra Mihalek. My husband Sam and I are the owner/operators of the Dolphin Restaurants, one located in Bedford and the other in Oakwood Village along with CW’s Purple Iris Gift shop. Firstly, we would like to give thanks for all the love and support to the hundreds of those on social media with the announcement of our new Dolphin Express! We have been in the surrounding communities for 30 years and have been very blessed with wonderful customers and a solid staff that we call our family. On the Sunday night of March 15th when the announcement was made to shut down all restaurants and bars we were devastated. We knew it was coming and we had a little bit of an idea what we were going to do. But nothing could prepare business owners for this. This is first time in our history that we have seen a pandemic of this magnitude. At once I was on the phone to order a "carry-out" sign with our phone number on it to place over the sign in the front of the building. Phone calls to staff and family were next on the list. Keeping a cool head I started to figure out how to turn a sit down restaurant into a full service carry-out and keep our staff SAFE. These are very challenging times and it makes me wonder if we will ever return to normal. We have to now be concerned how to keep our staff and customers safe during an outbreak of an unseen virus. Keeping our trust in the CDC and our local Governments guidelines along with own personal judgement will be what will keep us level headed. Keeping everyone safe is our main priority. We are all in this together. Closing completely is not an option. It has been very difficult to keep things above water but by the grace of God and our dedicated customers we are moving along. Prior to the Corona Virus we were approached by Joe Migliorini to take over the vacant Sides-to-Go BBQ location on Valley View Road. I put my foot down to both him and Sam that we have enough going on. But, I had to admit with everyone asking for dinners it was a good idea not having all the stresses of a full sit down restaurant. So, even though we were really not ready, we spoke about how we would proceed if we took it over. The first week in April Joe reached out again and at that time I was on board with them both to create a zero contact full service take out food service with all your Dolphin favorites, plus more. Many safety measurements will be put in place not only for our guests, but for all of us as well. We have not operated In Macedonia in over 20 years since we sold our previous location to Denny’s in the late 90’s, but our customers have been loyal and patronized us from location to location, and generation to generation. We are looking forward to the new normal in the restaurant business and we pray for everyone to be Safe, be kind, and be healthy. Let’s see what the future brings! We just have to keep the faith! God Bless.


Sandra Mihalek

"Dolphin Express" Coming In June to 9828 Valley View Rd. in Macedonia!

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