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Letter To The Editor: Keith Czerr On The Vacant Lot On Route 8

The following is a letter to the editor written by Northfield Village Councilman Keith Czerr

First, you may wonder who, what, or why that individual fellow is in front of the vacant city lot petitioning… Hold on, we’ll get to that.

The administration that runs the village cares 110 percent about bringing Northfield to a very high standard. You can see that when you pull into town and see all the beautiful flowers and the great landscaping. I have friends from other communities say my goodness Northfield Village has really come a long way.

One of our Council people was at the helm and pushed for a new parking lot on Elm street, mostly for the baseball crowd. That with the help of a landscape specialist placed rocks there to cover the dirt mounds that were there prior.

I don’t know exactly how long our five-year plan was implemented for the improvement of our playgrounds, but I believe the COVID Epidemic has put a damper on our plans to improve. With that in mind this spring Northfield Village went into action. The sliding board play place that sits in Smith Park was given a fresh coat of green in white paint matching our school colors. Along with some modification to some of the supporting pylons. The service department has been working very hard on that improvement, Our Mayor approved this work and could be a part of his Beautification of Northfield Village. The Pavilion looks as though it is going through some rehabbing as we speak. Hopefully we can get it looking good enough to dedicate it as the Mayor and some council members suggested.

I am so proud of the village I grew up in and I am so happy this administration cares so much. Now as far as that vacant lot that we the people, the village of Northfield owns across the street from the Italian Restaurant and directly in front of Firestone tire. Well, yes that lot belongs to us. It is only my opinion but I would place its value at a half a million dollars. Again that is just my opinion. I could be wrong. Some of our administration would like to make a parking lot out of that lot. And some of our administration would like to make something a little more creative than a parking lot, maybe some green space, some grass, some parking, a shady area, a couple of benches for our tired walking folks. I see you walkers out there. Wouldn’t it be nice to get out of the sun relax in the shade, watch the cars go by, maybe an ice-cream? I like ice cream, oh yes I do, but I can’t stand to eat it in the hot sun. How about You? How about a place a place a couple of fellas could jam a bit on a guitar? Or maybe where high school jazz players could play and maybe get some notoriety, right on the busy Northfield road, implement our Corridor overlook project in the process. To keep folks at bay from the traffic. Yet, you drive by and you see a couple of kids playing their instruments stop, get some ice cream. Listen and enjoy for a bit. Now that is what I would call beautiful!

Shoot, we are a small town, we can do that. Can we? I know folks that don’t agree with me and want to put a parking lot up there. Maybe you are angry with me for feeling this way. But, I am sorry I don’t believe another parking lot is going to make Northfield Village more beautiful. So don’t be angry, I disagree with you who feels the need for another parking lot. It will add more to the run off from the rain. As stupid as this may sound, its hot, dam hot.

If this administration decides to construct a parking lot in our vacant lot, so be it. Perhaps it is for the greater good. I won’t be angry with you if you choose that, but please don’t be angry with me. I just want to see something beautiful there.

I am so proud of all the great accomplishments that Northfield Village has made and will continue to make in the future.

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