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Letter To The Editor: When Did the Minority Take Back Control of This Planet?

Writer’s Note: My name is Michael Rusk. My wife Gayle and I owned and operated a business in NE Ohio called Ohio Basement Systems for more than 30 years. I graduated from Nordonia High School and Kent State University. The 80/20 rule: 80% of the effect comes from 20% of the cause. It seems to me that the application of this rule to today’s politics will explain the continued deep divide in our country on most all problems we have to deal - especially Covid-19! So basically, we have Left and Right. We also have CNN and FOX. We have an agenda to get rid of Trump, and an agenda to re-elect Trump. Regarding Covid-19, we have those that say it is too early to re-open, and those that believe we should not have closed at all. The 80/20 applies in this way. 20% of the hardcore left and 20% of the hardcore right, are getting all the attention, both on CNN and on FOX, and all-over Social Media. So, the “news” tends to very polarizing- washing out the beliefs of the 80%, which tend to have a more mid-ground viewpoint. Also, remember that fear and conspiracy theories sell news!! I think that 80% of the people need to get the spotlight back. How? By first understanding why you hear and see what you do on the news (already explained), and by doing more thinking for yourself. Why does one viewpoint on Covid-19 for example, have to be wrong and the other right? Doesn’t it make sense that somewhere in the middle is probably not only the best answer, but also one that 80% of people can get behind and support? What we really need from our government (and repeated by the media) are solid facts. Good information from which we, the 80%, can make good decisions. Why not post the demographics (age and pre-existing conditions) of all the deaths on TV every day, along with total cases and total death? In other words, why not tell us who is dying and who is not? With this information, I can decide for myself whether I want to participate in the re-opening of the economy or not, and therefore do not need the opinion of anyone - especially that damn 20%.

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