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Living Your Best Life — A QnA with Joe Pannitto

The following is an interview with "DPS For Life" Founder and life coach Joe Pannitto. Joe is a coach with the International Employee Assistance Program which connects employees to on-demand professional coaching, making it possible for companies to foster a culture that attracts and retains talent. Joe is a Certified Practitioner of 3 Vital questions/The Empowerment Dynamic (TED*), a member of Toastmasters International, Chair of the Toastmasters District 10 Speakers Bureau, and a member of the International Coach Federation.

What motivated you to start the DPSforlife program?

The motivation came from many directions: First, was the increasing desire to help others in some capacity; the second was realizing that after 25 years in my prior commercial insurance sales career I was burned out - the passion was not there any longer; Thirdly, I've always been interested in teaching or training in some capacity; Finally, figuring out where my gifts are best engaged - at a personal level with individuals trying to overcome obstacles and achieve a particular goal.

Who or what influenced you to start this unique program?

I have 3 areas of focus: The first is those in addiction recovery; secondly adults with ADHD that need help or support to achieve work and life success; and lastly, those who may be dealing with a chronic illness.

I was diagnosed with a chronic illness 12 years ago, which started me on this journey. I wallowed in self-pity and was depressed for some time as I felt like a victim with no options to get better. I was introduced to the work of David Emerald & Donna Zajonc and their Empowerment Dynamic philosophy to refocus myself and move to a better place. I became a Certified Trainer for their work and it is the foundation of my coaching philosophy as a Certified Life Coach.

What demographics are likely to succeed from this program?

I work with adults, 18 years of age and older. Coaching is a 2-way street, we cannot make someone change. There must be a commitment from the client to take the steps necessary to make the shift and Think Differently in their lives.

Does this program help youth groups?

My coaching can help and I've spoken to groups in the past. Although youth groups are not my focus, I will always explore an opportunity to connect if someone brings an idea to me.

Where did the "Coach Joe" label originate?

That label came very naturally from clients. They were either calling me Coach Joe or referencing looking forward to their session with Coach Joe; I decided, 'you know what, I like that!' - and embraced it.

In a few sentences, what is the difference in the DSPforlife as opposed to other self-help programs?

My work is all forward-looking, helping you get from where you are to where you want to be. I am rooted in positive psychology meaning, let's focus on a person's strengths. I offer a number of individual services: A character assessment that helps an individual see how their 'wired' and utilize their strengths and improve their lessor strengths;

Individual 1:1 coaching of 6 months and 1-year commitments; Online or in-person classes teaching the Empowerment Dynamic (helping you understand how to relate better to yourself and others, determine your focus, and take action); I also bundle these services into the Breaking the Chains program, a comprehensive journey toward your goals.

Without mentioning any names, what is one case you are most proud of?

There are many, and I don't mind mentioning the name because I am most proud of Susan Eileen. Susan has been sober now for over 2 years and, we are working together to help others in recovery by providing workshops and coaching together. We have a private Facebook support group someone who is sober curious can join called 'Breaking the Chains Recovery Support.' Also, there is a book in the works for release in the near future.

What venues do you hold DPSforlife seminars at?

Workshops are held online via the Zoom meeting platform, we are planning in-person events as COVID and CDC guidelines improve and people are comfortable in that setting. Anything upcoming is posted on my website, on Facebook (, Susan Eileen's Facebook page, my Facebook page, and Instagram at dpsforlife.

Can clients come to your office for private sessions? Where is located?

Private sessions are held either in-person at a public location or online via the Zoom meeting platform.

How long has DPSforlife been operating?

Since 2019.

In closing, what are a few points you would like to go over?

Go online follow the FaceBook page, from time to time I will offer some free sessions for a limited number of people. I encourage anyone who has been 'stuck' so to speak to take the first step and schedule a brief call to see if coaching / the programs I offer are right for you.

Email me at or call me at 330-815-7015.

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