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Northfield Center Trustee Paul Buescher Outraged At Board Decisions Made Without His Knowledge

Northfield Center Trustee Paul Buescher is irate over the decisions made at Monday night's Northfield Center meeting. Buescher indicated a few hours before the meeting he was ill, and couldn’t attend. Buescher states the decision to dismiss Administrator Steve Wright before the the agreed October 26th date was made without his knowledge, and behind his back. The Wright resignation was scheduled for October 26th but Trustee Rich Reville and Russ Mazzola dismissed him October 3rd. The decision was made to make what was a full-time administrator's position to a part-time post. Buescher states he fears legal consequences due to these decisions. Buescher also is upset with the cell phone policy, which he claims is directed at him in retaliation to Buescher publicly chastising the trustees for various perks, including hospitalization coverage.

Nordonia Now asked Buescher a few questions on Tuesday. They are below, Buescher will provide more in depth comments later on his TRUSTEE BUESCHER blog.

Did you have knowledge of the removing of Northfield Administrator Steve Wright before the agreed date of October 26th?

No none whatsoever!

Were you consulted by the other two trustees Mazzola and Reville?

No, not at all. They did this entirely behind my back and took advantage of the situation knowing that I could not attend due to a health problem!

Have you interviewed anyone else for the position?

No, although we were supposed to, according to executive session discussions last Thursday.

Why the status change from full-time to part-time on the administrator's job?

You will have to ask the other two.

Do you feel the early dismissal may lead to legal action against the township by Mr. Wright?

Yes, and justifiably so!

What is your opinion on the dismissal without your input?

Underhanded, reckless, disrespectful, arrogant, and possibly illegal.

What does the new cell phone policy entail, and was it directed at you?

They are removing my ability to communicate official township business, especially with the residents. Obviously they are unaware that they are obligated to provide me with the necessary equipment to carry out my duties. To do otherwise however, in my opinion, borders on malfeasance! There is no law requiring me to use my own equipment.  And yes, it was directed solely towards me!

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