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  • Victor Milani

Northfield Village Administration At Impasse Over Fire Truck Purchase

Members of Northfield Village council, Fire Chief Jason Buss, and Mayor Jesse Nehez all agree on one matter — the old fire truck Northfield Village currently uses as it’s backup fire engine has seen its better days, and should be retired. Currently, the Northfield Village Fire Dept. uses a 30 year old fire truck as a backup to it’s frontline engine. The ancient truck could have been retired after 25 years, but it served the purpose as an adequate backup. The majority of Northfield’s council would like to move to purchase a new fire truck immediately at the next council meeting. The purchase would be paid in cash (roughly $570,000). Doing this would avoid paying finance charges and interest over a 10-20 year period. So what is the issue? The mayor feels as though this is a necessary purchase, but would like more time,and to make the purchase after the first 2021 budget cycle. This would also provide ample time to assess the Village’s finances, and tend to the damages done as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Northfield Village’s Finance Director Jennifer Potvin agrees that the money is currently available if council wishes to pay in cash for the new fire engine right now. The earliest the city would have to make a payment on the new truck would be about one year out — how long it would take for the truck to be built and transported. Regardless of the mayor’s feelings, Both the mayor and finance director will act in accordance with the council's voting. Council allegedly has the four votes necessary to pass the motion to purchase the fire truck at the next tentative council meeting.

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