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Northfield Village April Council Reports

Police Department Report

submitted by Chief John Zolgus

  • The Police Department has received a proposal from RKS Bio Hazard to sanitize the Police Station, Village Hall upstairs, Fire Department, and all vehicles used by the Police and Fire Departments.

  • Preparations are being made for the impact of COVID-19 and how it could affect our Police Department.

  • Some Officers are staying to stay healthy in case they are needed to fill in for sick Officers.

  • The promotion of two part time Officers to full time positions was delayed because of COVID-19.

  • Total calls for service for March were 628.

Fire Department Report

submitted by Fire Chief Jason L Buss

Activity Report

  • A detailed copy of any fire department activity is available upon request.

  • NVFD ended 2019 with 844 Incidents (81% EMS 19% Fire, 4% Increase over 2018)

  • Call Statistics - As April 7th, 2020 NVFD responded to a total of 245 incidents in 2020 (+2.5% over last year at this time). Of NVFD’s total responses, 209 (85%) of those incidents were EMS related and 36 (15%) incidents were FIRE related.

  • Mutual Aid Report - In 2020, NVFD provided mutual aid for 12 incidents, provided automatic aid 6 times, and received mutual aid for 5 incidents and automatic aid for 0 Incidents. (Total MA received in 2013 was 13, 2014 was 15, 2015 was 22, 2016 was 28, 2017 was 26, 2018 was 29, 2019 was 26)

  • NVFD’s Average Response Time from time of call till time on scene is 3:35

  • MGM & NVRC Stats – NVFD responded to 42 medical / 0 fire incidents at MGM/NPRT and 12 medical / 0 fire incidents at NVRC in 2020

Fire Inspector / Prevention Report (April 8, 2020)

  • 18 Annual Fire Inspections have been completed

  • 0 Hood/Duct/Alarm/Sprinkler Tests have been completed

  • 12 Standby Events at MGM

  • 2017 OFC Radio Compliance Test Due at MGM on 7/2019

  • Fire Inspections / Pre-plans / Etc are all currently on hold (COVID)

Department News / Upcoming Events

  • Fire Station Remodel – On hold for now, will reevaluate in the future post COVID COVID 19 – Have increased daily staffing and created a “call in pool” of firefighters if needed. Have increased “social distancing” in the fire station to the best of our ability (limited space in current station).

  • We have cancelled all non-essential training and public interactions.

  • All members are taking temperatures twice daily.

  • Station is disinfected daily as are the vehicles.

  • We continue to try and acquire additional PPE to meet the community’s needs. There have been numerous operational changes to our response to all emergency incidents. At minimum you can expect to see responders in gloves, masks and eye protection at all times.

Engineer's Report

submitted by Rich Wasosky

  • Houghton Road Reconstruction and S.R. 8 Traffic Signals Improvements Project The detector camera at S.R. 8 and the Fire Station Drive was installed on April 8, and the old span wire signal installation was removed, except for the two wooden strain poles, which should be removed tomorrow. All the overhead mounted street signs on the signal mast arms at Maple Avenue and Houghton Road were installed. I had a meeting with 3 people from the NEORSD in order to explain my invoicing for the grant of $106,510.00.

  • Dollar General Store Construction The demolition of the existing property for the new Dollar General Store has begun.

Thank you for reading.

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