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Northfield Village September 2020 Council Reports

Police Department Report for the month of September, 2020

- The Police Department received the new cruiser which will be put into service in October

sometime depending on equipment arrival and install timing.

- The Police Department completed another range and as of September all Officers have qualified.

The Police Department implemented the less lethal equipment that they trained for.

- The new 800 megahertz radios have been ordered and should arrive in 4 to 6 weeks.

- Officers Pratt and Pistone have completed a week class in Akron for CIT Training.

- The Detective Bureau has been busy investigating multiple financial crimes. The Patrol

Division as also been busy as calls for service are increasing.

- There were 692 calls for service for September.

Respectfully submitted by Chief John Zolgus

Fire Department Report for the month of September, 2020

- A detailed copy of any fire department activity is available upon request.

- NVFD ended 2019 with 844 Incidents (81% EMS 19% Fire, 4% Increase over


- Call Statistics - As of October 14, 2020 NVFD responded to a total of 604

incidents in 2020 (-8% over last year at this time). Of NVFD’s total

responses, 502 (83%) of those incidents were EMS related and 102 (17%)

incidents were FIRE related.

- Mutual Aid Report - In 2020, NVFD provided mutual aid for 32 incidents,

provided automatic aid 21 times, and received mutual aid for 18 incidents and

automatic aid for 0 Incidents. (Total MA received in 2013 was 13, 2014 was

15, 2015 was 22, 2016 was 28, 2017 was 26, 2018 was 29, 2019 was 26)

- NVFD’s Average Response Time from time of call till time on scene is 3:57

- MGM & NVRC Stats – NVFD responded to 79 medical / 1 fire incidents at

MGM/NPRT (Down 42% vs 2019) and 32 medical / 0 fire incidents at NVRC

(Down 42% vs 2019) in 2020. Reductions in call volume directly related to

COVID-19 changes.

Fire Inspector / Prevention Report (October 14, 2020)

- 59 Annual Fire Inspections have been completed

- 8 Hood/Duct/Alarm/Sprinkler Tests have been completed

- 12 Standby Events at MGM

- 2017 OFC Radio Compliance Test Due at MGM on 7/2019

- Fire Inspections / Preplans / Etc Resumed June 8th

Department News / Upcoming Events

-Fire Station Remodel – On hold for now. The current COVID crisis has definitely

highlighted the limitations of the current station and we look forward to resetting the

timeline. Most likely this project will not resume until early 2021.

Fire Engine 3513 Replacement – The committee has completed their work and would

like to present at a Fire & Safety Meeting. A manufacturer representative would also

like to participate in that meeting. I would like to pick a date tonight that works for

everyone who is interested to be part of this meeting. There is a price increase in

February, 2021 and their hope is to have a council commitment by January, 2021. In an

ideal situation the truck would be approved in the first quarter of 2021 and delivery

would take place late 2021 or early 2022.

-COVID 19 – Remember despite the reopening occurring, COVID-19 still represents a

significant concern to many residents. If any PPE or supplies are needed, please let me

know Summit County has had over 5,959 confirmed cases and is currently seeing a

death rate from the disease of 4.3%. There have also been two reported cases of staff

workers testing positive for COVID 19 at a long term care facility in our community.

NVFD currently says two part time firefighters out on sick leave with positive

coronavirus infections. Both are doing well at this time.

Storm Warning Siren Replacement – The new siren has been delivered. I am still

working with the electrician to make the needed electrical connections from the utility

pole to the area where the siren will be located. Once the electric is installed, the siren

company will come and install the siren.

-COVID Equipment Purchases – On tonight’s agenda are a LUCAS CPR machine, an

AMBU STAT room / vehicle disinfectant machine, and a video laryngoscope that all

directly relate to COVID response and have been determined as qualified expenses by

the US Treasury for purchase with COVID funding.

Several additional items are being considered. I am proposing replacing the last 5 sets

of turnout gear (about $10k) with COVID funding so all members have a backup set a

gear for at least the next several months. I am planning on ordering a matching set of

washers and dryers that could eventually be moved into the remodeled start, but are

needed now for laundering dirty uniforms. I would also like to upgrade all the flush

valves and faucets in the bathrooms to hands free items. Additionally, I have already

ordered hands free sanitizer dispensers for all the buildings and plan on ordering

inventory of cleaning supplies for the winter months. I am also looking at what IT

upgrades could be made to benefit the fire department. Please let me know your

thoughts or if you have any further insight on projects that are “not in the budget but

needed for our response to the COVID pandemic to protect our employees and


Engineer's Report for the month of September, 2020

Replacement Traffic Signal Pole at Ledge Road and State Route 8

On September 29, 2020 I visited Signal Services Company storage site to inspect the

new signal pole for the southwest corner of S.R.8 and the Apartment Driveway. The

pole has an insignificant very small dent that is almost undetectable. I approved the

pole for installation after discussing my inspection with the Mayor. They will inform

me of the date of installation after they coordinate with the police department.

OPWC Issue 1 Project Applications for 2021

The project applications for OPWC SCIP funding and LTIP funding are due on

November 4, 2020. Since I have not been directed to complete the applications for any

projects I will not be submitting any applications to OPWC for 2021 projects.

NEORSD Community Cost Share Program

As of September 30, 2020 the Village of Northfield had $166,476.00 in the NEORSD

Community Cost Share Account which is eligible to use for funding of stormwater

pollution control projects and maintenance. $38,000.00 of this money MUST be spent

by June 2021. I had originally planned to spend this money on the Coventry Drive

Reconstruction project drainage items; however, that project has been delayed. I

recommend using all of the money for the Roosevelt/Monroe Drive replacement storm

sewer and catch basins to eliminate the flooding in that area. The Village could also

use the money for funding storm sewer jetting, catch basin cleanouts, street sweeping

or for engineering costs incurred for the Stormwater Pollution Prevention program. All

projects must be approved by NEORSD before any money can be spent.

Proposed Trench Drain across Plaza Shopping Center Exit Driveway

The Village plans on installing a 12 inch wide trench drain across the exit driveway

from the Plaza Shopping Center after an agreement with the Shopping Center owner is


Tinkers Creek Watershed Partners

The Tinkers Creek Watershed Partners Memorandum of Understanding with the

Village of Northfield for 2021, along with the invoice for $1000.00 for 2021 was sent

to the Mayor and all councilpersons by email from myself on October 12, 2020. Please decide by the end of this year if you want the Village to keep participating with this

organization. If you decide to keep participating sign the Memorandum and return it to

Tinkers Creek Watershed Partners along with the check for $1000.00.

Resolutions for Stormwater Awareness Week and TCWP Letter of Support

I emailed the Mayor and all councilpersons on October 12, 2020 copies of draft

Resolution for Stormwater Awareness Week and for the Tinkers Creek Watershed

Partners Letter of Support to the Northeast Regional Sewer District. If you agree

with these resolutions please sign and return to Summit Soil and Water and


NEORSD Televising of Beech Avenue and Victory Blvd. Sanitary Sewers

NEORSD has been televising the Beach Avenue and Victory Blvd. sanitary sewers

to check their overall condition and their leakage at the joints and house

connections. They have not provided me with their results yet.

Thank You For Reading.

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