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  • Victor Milani

Three Nordonia Businesses Busted For Underage Liquor Sales

The following is an excerpt from a Summit County Sheriff's Office press release:

"In September of 2020, the Summit County Sheriff’s Office received complaints regarding

a business in Northfield Center Township selling alcohol to people under the age of

twenty one. The Sheriff’s Detective Bureau initiated an investigation into the matter. An

undercover operation revealed three stores sold alcohol to a person under the age of

twenty one. The clerks at each store were issued a summons for Furnishing Alcohol to an

Underage Person (M-1). Follow up questions should be directed to Inspector William Holland at 330-620-9738."

The offending businesses are as follows:

Exxon Mobile on 82 in Northfield Center Twp

Sagamore Quik Chek on 82 in Sagamore Hills

A+ Quick Mart on Olde 8 in Sagamore Hills

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