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  • Victor Milani

Vic's Corner: Decisions, Decisions!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Northfield Village Council and Mayor Nehez discussed some possible options for the vacant National City Bank property on Rt. 8 at a Council Budget work session last night. The aforementioned parcel is owned by Northfield Village, having been purchased from the Marotta Corp. several years ago. Among the proposed options for the land were a parking lot that would serve as additional parking for businesses on the adjacent side of Rt. 8, a Veterans' Memorial Park, or an open green space for future development. Consideration was given to place a questionnaire in the residents' quarterly sewer bill for public input. The issue was tabled for now, and will be discussed later on in the year, as Council could not come up with a definitive plan for the parcel.

What would you prefer be located here?

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