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Vic's Corner: Northfield Village Fire Chief Jason Buss Interview Regarding Covid-19

I was given the opportunity to speak via telephone with Northfield Village Fire Chief Jason Buss for a short interview regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and how it is affecting operations for the Northfield Fire Department. Buss remarks "A major issue is if a department hasn't ordered a certain supply recently, they cancel your order from suppliers. Most of those supplies we don’t order too often. Currently, we have about 9 different orders placed with E.M.S. suppliers, drug testing suppliers, dental suppliers, nail salon suppliers, and just about anyone else I could find that sells the particular items we need." Below are some examples of Buss' cancelled orders

In addition, Fire Chief Buss stated that Fire / EMS call numbers are down due to the MGM currently being closed, the MGM being one of the largest sources for 911 calls for the Village. He also pointed out that the Northfield Village Retirement home is not transporting as many patients as they would be due to the outbreak, so EMS assistance has slowed down there as well.

Should you have any questions about Northfield Village's Fire / E.M.S. feel free to contact Fire Chief Jason Buss at

330-467-7139 Ext #22

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