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  • Victor Milani

Vic’s Corner: Our Hero of the Day — Northfield Village Fire Department

I had a lovely letter forwarded to me from Northfield resident Deb Mikulski. This letter illustrates how sometimes the act of checking up on our residents can make their day!

“I was recently surprised by a checkup call from Northfield Fire Dept. I'm on their snowplow list, but the call was unprompted. They asked if I needed anything and said they would pick up anything from the store for me if I didn't have family or friends to help out. I was okay for groceries and household items, but I told them about a recent incident I had with a CO2 gas leak. In response, the fire department brought me a new Carbon Monoxide detector, a smoke detector and installed them both! I live in a wonderful community! The fire department is getting some homemade cookies. Thank you.” —Deb Mikulski

Fire Chief Jason Buss and his department deserve more than cookies as they put their life on the line every day, and especially during these tumultuous times of pandemic! A job well done to the NVFD, and NFPD!

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