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  • Victor Milani

Vic's Corner: Waste Management Trouble In Northfield Village

This past week it was brought to my attention that the Northfield Village's waste disposal service, Waste Management, was no longer picking up any other bags or rubbish items that were not being placed in residents' designated waste management cans. This means that any bags outside the containers would not be picked up. The reasoning given by W.M. was that this was an emergency protocol issued due to the COVID-19 crisis. When I tried contacting W.M. for additional comment (at 2:00 P.M. in the afternoon) I was greeted by a taped message which announced that all of their operators are working from remote locations, and to leave a message. After leaving several calls that went unanswered, I never once was able to get in contact with a live human being.

I turned for advisement to Northfield Village Service Director Jason Walters who told me he was given the same response from Waste Management. Walters indicated that Northfield Village could do nothing about it that it was a Waste Management decision. I asked Walters why Waste Management couldn't then at least provide Northfield Village with a pair of dumpsters to accommodate the extra refuse Village residents might have. As of late, Macedonia has resorted to this this due to their waste management provider Republic altering their pick up procedure. Walters said he would try to arrange such accommodations, but "don't hold your breath". It's important to note that Waste Management's actions are in conflict with the contract signed and agreed to by both W.M. and the Village. Contractually, W.M. states that they would pick up bags and guideline-followed refuse left along side the cans. Why Waste Management couldn't provide two dumpsters for trash they are supposed to be picking up anyway is beyond me. I'm sure a mutual cost for the dumpsters could be agreed upon between Waste Management and the Village. I fail to see what the COVID-19 has to do with the operations of an essential service. Are they not allowed to get out of the truck? Did the virus affect their pick-up personnel and office staff? With the annual Northfield Village Spring Clean Up occurring in May, where should residents take their bagged winter debris that can't fit in W.M.'s 2 allotted containers? We don't have any explanation.

With the crisis going on worldwide, I realize this is not a tremendous problem. But if residents aren't made aware of the change in pick-up procedure, many will be dragging their garbage bags back from the curb on Tuesday night. I hope you call Waste Management and and at least request a dumpster or two for the sake of Village Residents. Their number is 866-797-9018. Good luck getting someone to answer the phone. In addition, Service Director Jason Walters has graciously offered to answer any questions at 216-544-4808. He will, and always has answered residents. Below is an update from Waste Management posted to Northfield Village's website.

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