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Welcome To Nordonia Now!

Hello! I am Victor Milani, the owner and publisher of the newly founded and now operating Many of you may also know me as the former Mayor of Northfield Village from 1999-2011, or from my involvement in the founding of the original News Leader in the 80’s. I was also recently honored to be inducted into the Nordonia Hills Hall of Fame for Community Involvement! Since my departure as the Vice President of, I have since decided to branch out and create my own internet news & entertainment platform.

Nordonia Now will prioritize the Nordonia Hills area, as well as post content pertinent to surrounding communities. Nordonia Now will also provide coverage of national events that have an impact on our daily lives in Northeast Ohio. In tangent with news, we will post a variety of entertainment pieces: funny quotes, recipes, current local events, and many other articles that we think our readers might enjoy. Nordonia Now loves free speech, and we want to hear from any and all sides of the stories we post. With that being said we encourage tasteful editorials, and look forward to having community involvement be a key element in our journalism. We will garner content from various larger media outlets, as well as hosting numerous original new series, including the previously beloved "Vic’s Corner"! In addition, for the time being Nordonia Now will be ad-free for your reading leisure. We hope you will support this venture by sharing the page, leaving a like, and adding some nice comments.

If you're an advertiser and would like to sponsor Nordonia Now, visit the "Advertise" page at the top, or feel free to contact me at the email below. Also, Nordonia Now is looking for passionate & articulate writers that are invested in the Nordonia Hills community. If that sounds like you, and you would like to join the team, shoot me an email as well!


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